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This page lists some of the products and supplements I use on a daily basis. I would never recommend something I didn’t use myself and truly believe in. Use my contact page to ask me any questions, and be sure to save with my noted discount codes!


Further food collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are great for hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, joints, and even gut health. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and these peptides can be dissolved into nearly anything- water, smoothies, coffee, soup, yogurt, etc. They do not change the flavor or texture at all! Further Food also offers marine collagen (seafood-based) and other products as well.



cali’flour foods

Cali’flour Foods offers the cleanest, healthiest, most delicious cauliflower pizza crusts I’ve ever tasted, made with only cauliflower (one whole head in each crust!), egg, cheese, and spices. There is also a vegan version if you prefer. Cali’flour Foods now offers crackers and pasta as well.



Perfect bar

These bars quite literally live up to their name. There’s a flavor for everyone (vegan options as well), and they’re a delicious snack or dessert. There’s over 20 superfoods in each bar, and they’re sweetened with honey or dates. Some of my favorites are dark chocolate peanut butter, coconut peanut butter, and chocolate walnut brownie!


Nuzest protein and other products

Nuzest is the cleanest, simplest, most delicious plant protein (and protein in general) on the market… I’m not kidding! You can mix the protein alone with water and make a smooth, creamy pudding, or use it in smoothies and/or baking recipes! There’s an unflavored option as well, and Nuzest also makes a number of other products that are jam packed with good-for-you ingredients. I truthfully love them all! Here’s a blog post I wrote with more details!

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Bare Bones Bone Broth

Bare Bones is the very first brand of bone broth I ever started drinking, and they’ve held #1 ever since! Bone broth is so healing, so high in protein, and really great for your gut health. I love the organic turkey and chicken broths, and they also have a powdered instant bone broth with collagen served in individual packets!

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Healthy Human stainless steel bottles

You’ll never find me without one (or more) Healthy Humans in hand! There are stein bottles, cruiser tumblers, an array of different sizes, and a TON of colors and designs to pick from. They’ll keep things hot or cold for hours! You can find them on their website or on Amazon.

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biohm probiotics

Gut health is SO important! Not only do I eat probiotic-rich foods everyday, but I also think that taking a probiotic supplement is extremely beneficial. BIOHM contains the good bacteria AND fungi that we want in our gut, and it has been proven to destroy digestive plaque unlike many probiotic supplements. BIOHM has been thoroughly tested by independent experts, so it’s quality that I can trust!

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Daily harvest

Smoothies, soup, overnight oats, lattes, chia seed parfaits, and harvest bowls— Daily Harvest sends pre-portioned cups that you store in the freezer and can make at anytime! It’s as easy as putting the ingredients in the cup into a blender, pot, or even just the microwave, adding liquid if necessary, and you’ve got breakfast or lunch in just a couple minutes. You can bulk up the meals too if you’d like. Get $25 off when you click ‘Shop Now’ below!

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eat clean essentials

I use a LOT of spices and seasonings when I cook; that’s how you build flavor! Eat Clean Essentials has a line of almost 30 different blends to pick from, and I truly love them all! Some of my favorites are spicy buffalo, taco party, pizza is life, maple BBQ, and maple doodle, their only sweet blend that I love to put in my coffee!

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